Q: I have a 1500 square foot house. How many machines would I need for my house? What type of machine would work best for me?

A: We recommend using one Electric API 2000 unit per every 1000 square feet, however houses that have open floor plans up to 2000 square feet may require only one machine. Each house is different and the machines are best utilized in the biggest area of the house. Generally they work best in a centralized location.

*We recommend not placing the machine near the return vent in your home.

We would also recommend using a minimum of two Battery API 2000 units because they generally will cover approximately 500 square feet.

Q: How long do the fragrances last?

A: Our fragrances can be purchased in either refillable cans or deodorant squares. Either product can be used in both the electric and battery machine. In the battery machines, fragrances will last approximately four weeks. In the electric machines, fragrances will last approximately three weeks.
Q: I Heard that you could control the amount of fragrance by using wicks. How does that work?

A: Wicks are used in our refillable fragrance cans. To make the fragrance last longer, you can use one wick and make the loop smaller. Use two wicks to make the fragrance stronger. Wicks should be looped as high as possible while still maintaining contact with the bottom of the liquid fragrance can. Click here for detailed instructions on use of wicks.
Q: What is the difference between the deodorant squares and the refillable cans?

A: In actuality, there is very little difference in the performance. An advantage of the squares is that they are spill proof. The refillable can holds the advantage of being able to control the evaporation by manipulating the wicks. Click here for detailed instructions on use of deodorant squares.
Q: I would be interested in being a dealer. Is this possible?

A: Yes it is! We will set you up as a dealer with special pricing. There are certain requirements to be met. Call us at 1-800-228-2473.

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