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Sani-Air Quality

We are pleased to announce that we have recently added Air Scent International to our product line. Along with Sani-Air (Associated Products), Air Scent has set the standard in air freshening products. As far as we know, we are currently the only supplier of API 2000 electric machines from Sani-Air. In addition, we will now be distributing Air Scent favorites such as Fuzzy Navel and fragrance squares in Apple, Lemon & Leather, as well as our already great Sani-Air lineup. Our customers gain the advantage of using commercial products in a residential setting. Everyone knows that air fresheners you buy at retail stores only last for a couple of days. Our Sani-Air and Air Scent deodorizer machines offer a consistent flow of scents that will cover up to a 2000 square foot area 24/7 for up to 30 days.


*** Minimum $20.00 Order ***


Sani Air, SaniAir products




Variety of Scents
  We offer air fresheners in a variety of scents to meet anyone�s taste. You can choose from fragrances ranging from Apple Jack to Mulberry and many more! We offer refills in  liquid form and bars for the home and business.
  We offer recurring replacement and maintenance services for businesses in and around Middle Tennessee and southern Kentucky.....  Learn more....

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*** Minimum $20.00 Order ***